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Understanding Metro and Special Districts in Colorado

Colorado's Housing and Infrastructure Challenge

In response to Colorado’s significant housing shortage, the government expressed a direct need for 500,000 new living spaces in the next seven years. Metro districts have become an essential solution to this problem for building the necessary infrastructure for new communities, offering a range of housing options from apartments to single-family homes. These districts bridge the gap where cities and counties are unable to raise taxes for new developments, adhering to the principle that new growth should be self-sustaining.

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Defining Metro Districts

Metro districts in Colorado are recognized as governmental units, operating under local and state oversight. They play a pivotal role as financing mechanisms, enabling the construction of public infrastructure like roads, sewers, and parks essential for new communities. The creation of a metro district involves a detailed service plan, reviewed and approved by local authorities such as city councils or county commissions through a public hearing process.

Metro Districts at Work

Metro districts operate by borrowing money at favorable interest rates, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective development of public infrastructure and residential areas. Property owners within these districts contribute through higher taxes, which are allocated to repay the borrowed funds over time.

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Governance of Metro Districts

Each district is managed by a Board of Directors, elected by the residents or property owners within the district. These directors, serving four-year terms, are responsible for the overall management of the district’s affairs. The Board’s structure and election process ensure that management aligns with the community’s best interests.

Comprehensive Services of Metro Districts

Metro districts offer a wide range of services and facilities, from these districts are designed to comprehensively cater to the infrastructural needs of their communities, ensuring well-rounded development and maintenance.

Wastewater Management
Wastewater Management
Emergency Services
Emergency Services
Recreational Parks
Recreational Parks
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Financial Responsibilities and Authorities

Metro districts possess the authority to impose various fees and charges for the services and facilities they offer. These financial tools are essential in maintaining the districts’ operations and are subject to stringent statutory regulations, including the enforcement of liens in case of non-payment.

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